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<p>Laamu atoll Gan. Photo: Sofwan

Laamu atoll Gan. Photo: Sofwan

Located in Laamu (or Haddhunmathi) Atoll, Gan (Dhivehi: (ގަން) is the longest island of the Maldives. It is divided into wards, the northernmost of which is called Thundi in middle Mathimadhu and at the end Mukurimagu. Gan is connected with Maandhoo, the uninhabited island at its south. Maandhoo is linked with the regional domestic airport at Kadhdhoo by a short causeway. Kadhdhoo adjoins at its south with Fonadhoo, the capital of the atoll. The causeway which links between Kadhdhoo and Fonadhoo has almost one kilometer. The four islands Gan, Maandhoo, Kadhdhoo and Fonadhoo where it is linked with causeways stretches up to about 18 kilometers in length making up the longest lengthen of dry land in the Maldives. This island should not be confused with other Maldive islands called "Gan" in Addu Atoll and Huvadhu Atoll. (Source: Reveries Diving Village)

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