“lets go to pluck dhanvah(Jambolan) fruit. there are loads now”, this is a typical request among the youngsters of Fuvahmulah during the season of this savory fruit. Plucking the fruit of this tree is a fun for many people especially youngsters, who set off to “dhambo val” – the thick vegetation of the area where these tree are in abundance.

Those who are skilled, quick and experienced will climb up the tree in a shot. Crawling, they will pluck clusters of the fruits and collect into bags. While plucking, they eat the fruits. Their mouth is full of fruits and tongues stained in dark purple. “Drop me. There is a cluster. drop me some,” those who wait under the trees beg for fruits as the guys in the trees are obsessed in eating the fruit. 

The tree branches are so strong that even the small thin branches bend like carbon fishing rods while the guys crawl and walk along the tree branches. Some daring boys climb up the top most branches. Accidents have happened while indulging in this fun. Some boys have fallen from the trees and inflicted serious bodily injuries. But the joy and the natural aerial view while on the top branches are amazing.

You can witness the tranquil taro fields, coconut trees, ferns and many other species of flora. Cackling and giggling of  the moorhen will tenderly touch your ear drums. I have experienced this view. It is a great moment i can never forget. The delicate and mysterious creation of god is purely an amazement a human being cannot forget. The glimpse and unforgettable moments of this experience will engraved in the heart of one’s life for eternity.